My red & white staffy's nose glows pink when she's hot, like a thermal beacon! Is there anything I can put on her to help, the vet has given her antihisamine tablets but they make her fat. Other allergy-related conditions can cause a runny or stuffy nose, as well as sneezing. (5 Posts) Add message | Report. I know that I'm allergic to cat dander but when I'm around certain dogs like pugs I itch and sneeze like crazy. (2) The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported that dog and cat allergens are detectable in 100 percent of U.S. Just like some people are allergic to dogs, dogs can also be allergic to people. Often affected dogs may lick their paws excessively and have recurrent ear infections. Any ideas how I can stop her from doing it? It can be a number of things. I did take her to the vets when we got her, because I noticed sometimes her chest, which is white fur, would turn pink, then go back to normal. So, after 12 weeks on the special diet, Dexter did not itch anymore, and his skin cleared up! My grandfather and I took him to the vet to get him checked out and to schedule him for neutering. Show More. There are two major forms of sinus infections (also called sinusitis): acute and chronic. Many of my clients use homemade cookie recipes. or that it could just be a bad habit and that it is common with staffys but couldnt really give me any helpful solutions! We think she has been playing with the ball and it may have rolled in it. According to Nicole Ellis, a certified-professional dog trainer with Rover, “These only come in a chicken protein, … Jan 13, 2020 … If your dog is allergic to one type of food, chances are that your dog is allergic … He is basically allergic to everything--even GRASS! Allergy-causing substances (allergens) can be found in animals’ hair, dander, urine, feces, and saliva. With my last dog I'd fast for 24hrs and put on chicken (until realised she was allergic) but then white fish (Hake) with rice. She's developed a really bad rash on her chest and armpits and scratches herself constantly. It results in various allergic skin reactions with continuous scratching and skin licking. In many cases, symptoms of a dog allergy are mild, and a person may still be able to live with a dog if they can manage their symptoms. my fiances mum's staffy X came out in hives a few weeks back after trying to eat a bee, she gave him half an allergy tablet as recommended by the vet then took him up there and they gave him an adrenaline shot. My staffy has itchy skin! Another symptom of food allergies in my dogs is reverse sneezing. I have a 10 month old staffy and she we think has an allergic reaction to something. What is the best option for us? The vet said I should keep an eye on it, and its caused her no problems. My female pitbull eyes get really red when she's outside playing in the yard alot. He is doing fine with an antihistamine (benadryl). It was very upseting. Decongestant nasal spray overuse. Mine are allergic to many foods including beef, which is not unusual in Staffies. Some long-standing infections are fungal. his skin is so brittle and bleeds if he catches it. In contrast to food sensitivity, food allergy is not very common in dogs. Hi, we recently rescued a staffy bull terrier but my wife is suffering with sneezing and watery eyes because of her allergy. I've taken her to the vet a few times and each time was told to give her benedryl. Prefer something natural.... Helppp Please . dogbesotted. When ever mine get a rash I think back to what I may have fed them differently. My staffy Aly has again developed itchy skin she rubs herslef constantly on carpet or grass to icth her tummy, then she breaks out in a terrible red rash with raw spots. 1 decade ago. Allergies in dogs are almost as common as they are in people and it is been estimated that nearly 20% of dogs suffer from allergies, with increasing tendency. Yes, that's right, my dog is allergic to me - well human skin. Second Step: The Food Trial May Take 6 Months or More of Investigation. So, he has to be on a special diet, it is a duck and potato formula made by Royal Canin-it is high in fat and helps keep the skin oily. My now 10month old staffy has been itching since we got him. It is said that only 5% of dogs suffer from it. It wasn't convincing, i had to go twice as the first lot of tablets didn't work,and the vet bill was huge. Eventually, these core … It seems to go pink when she gets worked up or excited, so I'm guessing its when her heart rate goes up. Although he was created in 19th-century Britain to be a small, fast fighting dog, those days are long past. She is definately allergic to something, it is most likely an environment allergy such as plants. These must also be modified to your dog’s situation, but they are a starting point. My white staffy has a red rash under his belly and he is starting to get it under his legs and on his face (looks like a heat rash). Staffy's are prone to skin allergys. Does anyone have any idea if there is any medication out there she can take. Do they have a different type of fur that I could be allergic to? They can be carried on clothes and can stay in carpets and furniture for months, even after an animal no longer lives there. Both acute and chronic sinus infections can be viral or bacterial.

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