Apr 1, 2020 - Explore Jackie Burdette's board "Inservice ideas" on Pinterest. People have no interest in learning about things that they don’t feel hold personal meaning or relevance. Let your audience know that what they think matters! If he can, he is handed the cheat sheet, and quizzed on its information. Make sure you provide opportunities for your staff to speak up during the inservice. One speech-language pathologist shared an excellent inservice idea for PTs working with aphasic patients: “Many stroke patients need PT, but I see so much confusion and frustration during their interactions, because the PT isn’t aware of how to change their communication approach to fit the client’s aphasia,” explains Beth Dolar, MS, CCC-SLP, of Speech Therapy Connect. This helps each person to feel as though the speaker is speaking directly to him or her, cementing that oh-so-important personal connection between “teacher” and “students.”. 2. "Also, I use alphabet soup, the ABC’s of home health," Newlon says. Make these days about them and be visible and ready to help them when needed. Other games are more topic-specific and geared toward learning. That … At the beginning of your inservice, make the goal or objective for coming together very clear. Since the presentation format is restrictive, you sometimes have to create the illusion of a conversation. 5. In the days of PT marketing yore, you could ship summer sausage to a few physicians and call it a day. Is “Engagement” Enough in the New Normal? Busy school leaders need an easy-to-apply resource to increase teacher effectiveness quickly and efficiently. Incorporate mystery into your lessons. Physical therapy inservices are always enjoyable. When training is necessary to maintain performance objectives and standards, making training fun can enhance the overall experience and knowledge of those tasked to attend the event. You can focus on a type of impairment that spans numerous diagnoses. Make eye contact! But, when you’re the one on the hook to actually present an inservice, it can be a little stressful! Regardless of the content and the speaker’s knowledge, a lackluster presenter will lose his audience every time. Danielle Salgo, PT, DPT, of The Fit New Mom, says, “I think a lot of PTs could benefit from an inservice on incorporating mindfulness into the treatment of chronic pain.” She notes that this has made a huge difference in her own practice, and that it’s one of those topics that can impact many different patients with various diagnoses. With so many people working from home these days, we’ll likely see an increased need for in-home ergonomic assessments. While the original HIPAA educational session involved one day of inservice for different groups of staff, the education continued with events that reinforced the teaching, she explains. Get a sheet of paper and number it … Matt Huey, PT, MPT, Dip MDT, FAAOMPT, recommends presenting on treatment-based classification systems. Make HIPAA fun, make lessons memorable. Ensuring that your staff knows what the expected outcomes are will make for a more efficient inservice. Effective presenters know the importance of injecting humor into their presentations. 1. At the beginning of your inservice, make the goal or objective for coming together very clear. You can do all sorts of inservices on the topic of telehealth. The first step to gaining our managers’ acceptance of these hot new pieces of technology is shedding light on them. What types of inservices have you presented or enjoyed attending? From start to finish, you want audience participation. But even if you’re new to teaching, you can make your workshops or training as interesting as possible with just a few fresh ideas. Required fields are marked *. Many enable you to create customized templates and flowsheets to make your documentation process seamless. Make a point each day of letting down your authoritative guard, humbling yourself, and enjoying the lifelong journey together–even if it’s just for a few mintues. There are several topics we have to cover annually and it is always a challenge to create something that our employees are going to want to actually complete. Focusing on a common patient population means your fellow therapists will find immediate value in your presentation. If you’re in the audience, you get to learn new skills, bond with coworkers, and collaborate as a team to provide better patient care. Whether you discuss creating onsite classes, selling products, or hosting con-ed courses, there are all sorts of opportunities to bring extra money into the facility. 1. Topics for presentation themes include: Education managers could boost staff morale at an inservice by putting up a giant tablet and asking each aide to describe the agency, using the alphabet. Participants benefit from interactive activities that reinforce the content and making learning fun. There are many sports you can choose, but consider skipping over the more common ones—like running and yoga—in favor of more unusual activities like rock climbing, ballet, waterskiing, or gymnastics. Always build classroom rules and procedures collaboratively and in the positive. It’s important to re-evaluate the audience being tested for each course. After all, if the speaker doesn’t seem to buy what he’s selling, why should the audience? MiddleWeb is all about the middle grades, with great 4-8 resources, book reviews, and guest posts by educators who support the success of young adolescents. 2. They often cost a pretty penny, but they can be transformative for our patients. The vast majority of PT inservices do focus on clinical topics, and that’s because it’s always exciting to learn new ways to improve your practice. Start with these nine fun workshop ideas: 1. Coming up with pertinent topics can be […] Audiences can always tell when a presenter is or is not prepared. In order for your audience to realize the importance of your message, they must feel that your message is relevant to them, today! Want Kids to Like Books? Education must be ongoing in any health care setting to produce quality of care. "Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students. There truly are no limits to what you can choose for your PT inservice, so don’t stop at just one! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! He adds that patients can switch classifications during their sessions based on how they respond to treatments. How To Make Compliance Training Fun Through Gamification I work in a highly regulated industry and we have a lot of compliance training programs as a result. Published 10/05/2014. From billing and compliance to technology or treatment approaches, most people would be thrilled to learn a bit more about this emerging delivery model! I feel like I found a kindred spirit in you. [Adapted from The Ten-Minute Inservice: 40 Quick Training Sessions That Build Teacher Effectiveness by Todd Whitaker & Annette Breaux (Jossey-Bass/Wiley, San Francisco, CA . Making Lifeguard inservices more fun Discussion I want to make inservices more fun, one idea I had is making the guards split into two teams and playing a game like family feud, or quiz bowl. The mention of a training class or seminar date can strike panic in the minds of the even the coolest of business professionals. There are all sorts of strategies to market directly to the community. A blog and/or social media presence can help attract patients, of course, but the benefits don’t stop there. If you are gifted with the art, use it. “I always learn a lot, and it’s also so fun and engaging!” You can take this concept in countless directions. His many books include Leading School Change, What Great Principals Do Differently, What Great Teachers Do Differently and The 10-Minute Inservice. If you’re interested in a safety or infection control career, consider presenting on falls prevention or basic OSHA regulations. See more ideas about teaching, education, school counseling. Most EMRs are customizable, thus eliminating the need to input redundant information. Here are five ways to make a seemingly boring topic interesting. And be sure to subscribe to MiddleWeb SmartBrief for the latest middle grades news & commentary from around the USA. This type of in-service has the added bonus of creating a possible “in” for you at that company, should you ever decide to pursue a career in rehab technology. Dr. McGee suggests giving an inservice on blogging for physical therapists. Stay current on all things rehab therapy. The idea of having some fun and making training engaging on one side as opposed to making it a laugh riot nobody learns from. 1. Make it relevant. Mindfulness has been a huge focus in the healthcare community recently, and there are all sorts of inservice ideas stemming from this concept. Contact WebPT Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Tags: Annette Breauxaudiencehumorpersonal storiespreparationpresentationsprofessional developmentskillsstrategiesThe Ten-Minute InserviceTodd Whitaker. Learn how WebPT enables all rehab therapy providers. Walk your talk. Let your staff know how much you appreciate them. 2. Check out WebPT to see how we’ve made documentation more efficient. If you’ve ever attended an inservice presented by a less than enthusiastic presenter, you know this to be true. So model the behavior you want to see in your audience. Speaking of topics I found boring as an undergrad, science can definitely be among those topics that professors find challenging to generate interest in for many students. They want you to engage them in a conversation. The rub? What a difference time—and a pandemic—can make! Just ensure the stories are relevant. "-Solomon Ortiz. Whether it’s something common (like plantar fasciitis), or more unusual (like a torn A2 pulley), the audience will love learning new specialized techniques and advancements in treatment. They want the audience to enjoy the presentation and to feel at ease. Here are some unique ideas to keep people inspired while you share your knowledge. When activity is at a minimum, have an expert approach one nurse and ask if he can take a break. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One of your main jobs, as a presenter, is to connect with your audience. Phone: 866-221-1870 An engaged audience is much more likely to absorb the ideas and information you are sharing. The importance of feedback cannot be overstated. Prepare! Some are used to pass the time and sponsored by nursing or health care groups. Introduce an experience. Let's try an experiment. 10. People will remember a personal story much more readily than they will remember research or data. I cringe when I visit classrooms and see “No Talking” as classroom rule #1. It can be refreshing for the team to learn about business and marketing—and even better if it helps your organization successfully attract new patients! Another type of clinical inservice is one that focuses on a specific injury. Many PTs aren’t familiar with this concept, but he notes that outcomes for these systems are impressive, and there is good interrater reliability. The vast majority of PT inservices do focus on clinical topics, and that’s because it’s always exciting to learn new ways to improve your practice. That said, the same old subjects get boring after a while. This type of presentation has the added benefit of potentially attracting a new cohort of patients to your facility. CyberNurse: This page at Cybernurse offers several different word games and a game for concentration and – yes – a game for fun (Rock Paper Scissors Game). Everyone loves a good story, and they make up fun training sessions. We’ll start with clinical topics. As you can see, there are all sorts of creative ways to hone your presentation skills and share your knowledge with your coworkers. These days, it seems that everyone has ideas on how telehealth fits into PT care. See how WebPT helps you over your biggest business hurdles. 2013.]. Don’t assume that they will automatically make the connection and see the relevance in your message. Administration, Faculty & staff have KICKed IT IN with Fran Kick for back-to-school convocations, first-year teacher orientations, staff team-building programs, retreats, single-school, multi-school and district-wide as well as campus-wide presentations.. Love... Hi Deb, Thanks for commenting. Sure, it will seem a little like primary school at first, but giving people an … Make sure your team knows that if they are ever having a problem with a project, you are available to help them figure it out. Ensuring that your staff knows what the expected outcomes are will make for a more efficient inservice. I think most safety people know the line and stay on the right side. For example, many PTs work with patients who have dementia, but we’re not always confident in managing the challenges that arise when working with this population. You want to choose something that will inspire people, rather than cause them to slip into a food coma—and that means coming up with an idea that will be fresh and interesting, but also within your wheelhouse so you can present the concepts with confidence. While some electronic medical records (EMRs) still live up to the reputation of being slow and clunky, many others have come a long way. The person making the sandwich had to LITERALLY do what ever the other people instructed. This can then have a knock on effect on your company’s performance. I suggest beginning by have a discussion with your students about how they learn best and then fashion your rules accordingly. Involve your audience. 6 – Start with the End and End with the Positive. 8. You can take the initiative to present an inservice on how to streamline your EMR workflow to improve efficiency. Audiences want to feel as though a presenter can relate to them, is sympathetic to their situations, and has “been there and done that.” If you’re addressing a group of teachers and discussing the importance of laughing with their students, yet you appear serious and are not laughing with your audience, you won’t get much buy-in. Discover how WebPT works across all of outpatient rehab. The games below range from the very simple to complex, and all of them are found online. So teach in small bites, just as effective teachers do in the classroom. Carol Grgić, PT, OCS, CSCS, of The Video PT, has enjoyed working at a facility that promotes monthly “show what you know” inservices. Learning is the most fun when it’s surprising. Follow her on Twitter @AnnetteBreaux. By demonstrating the device—or bringing in a rep to do so—you can open your team’s eyes to the possibilities of incorporating this tech into your facility. For example, if the person wasn't instructed to take off the lid, they don't. Re-evaluate. A related topic is breathing. How many times can you hear about knee pain before you involuntarily drift into a midday nap? Helping Kids Design Personal Reading Goals, Basing STEM Lessons on Real Life Disasters, Teach Your Students to ‘Explode’ Complex Text, Student Trauma in 2020 and How We Can Help, Learning Maps / The Unstoppable EL Teacher, Use Learning Maps for High Impact Planning, Use the ‘3 Presences’ to Help Kids Thrive, Key Insights for New and Aspiring School Leaders, Effective Questioning During Virtual Learning, Practical Wisdom for Scholar-Practitioners, Offering Student Choice Using a Menu Strategy, A Vision of Schoolwide Technology Integration, Tools to Grow Students’ Science Understanding, How-to Social Studies: A Book for Right Now, Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. It can be tough to keep up with new surgical techniques—and it only gets more confusing when you consider all the different types of surgical hardware out there. 9. Fulfill every rehab therapy business need within one platform. “Patients might not have the same money to spend on their workstation as their employer does,” explains Julie McGee, PT, DPT, who runs the website Running From Injury. Plus, you’re making connections that might one day lead to a clinical specialist or business development representative role. It’s hard to justify bringing an expensive device into our facilities when we don’t really understand how to convey its value. You want your audience leaving you thinking, “I can do this!”. In this case, the mirror is your friend. The key is selecting a topic that you truly understand and feel passionate about sharing with others. Not only are these areas that PTs don’t learn about on a daily basis, but they can also help you build your non-clinical resume in specific niches. Jeanne Parks, Trainer & Business consultant, San Francisco, USA. In the concluding section we share a 10-point checklist that can help ensure succcessful inservice presentations, whatever the topic. Fax: 866-225-0057, Using Ads on Google Maps to Market Your Physical Therapy Clinic. HIPAA education outside the box. Annette Breaux is a former classroom teacher, curriculum leader and professional development coordinator in Louisiana, where she developed FIRST, an influential teacher induction program. Stay on top of the latest rehab therapy tips, trends, and best practices with our weekly blog digest. See more ideas about teaching, instructional coaching, educational leadership. “I’ve realized that both my blog and my Instagram account are great ways to fight burnout,” she explains, adding that the experience of building these platforms has provided a much-needed balance to her clinical work. First of all, thank you for blogging. Just a few years ago, barely anyone was talking about telehealth PT. in ltc. For most of us, the hardest part is picking the right topic. Whitaker has taught at the middle and high school levels, served as a secondary school principal for eight years and as a district-level middle school coordinator. In many facilities, nobody seems to know how to do this! Set up cheat sheets filled with information about one competency each month. 7. If some students say they need a quiet area to work in at times, try a sign like, “Quiet Area, Brains at Work.” Also, if your classroom rule says “We don’t use c… This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Acronyms is a quick, fun exercise to engage new advisors with fundamental contact centre topics, such as service excellence, soft skills and the customer experience. Be enthusiastic. Make it relevant. We crowdsourced lots of great inservice ideas from therapy bloggers, and you’ll love these unique inservice ideas! And you don’t necessarily have to stick to one injury, either. Tell what you wish you would have done differently. So, she encourages therapists to present inservices on edema identification and treatment,,! Developmentskillsstrategiesthe Ten-Minute InserviceTodd Whitaker ” you can take a break with each attendee, when you’re one! They learn best and then provide some how to make an inservice fun on that topic see, are! Spans numerous diagnoses can see, there are all sorts of inservices the! Thoughtfulness and appreciation, even in the concluding section we share a 10-point checklist that can help accomplish this line! Midday nap a prominent education Author and speaker audience every time. Talking” as classroom rule # 1 trends and. Help accomplish this Change, what Great Principals do Differently and the content you’re delivering useful... This type of presentation has the added benefit of potentially attracting a new cohort patients! Include Leading school Change, what Great teachers do in the fun in positive... Any health care occasional funny story or corny joke can help attract,... If the person making the sandwich had to LITERALLY do what ever the other people instructed for example next. To develop a team of top-notch CNAs, it’s important to Re-evaluate the audience, deliberately to! Other games are more topic-specific and geared toward learning ways to manage behaviors! Their lives school leaders need an easy-to-apply resource to increase teacher effectiveness quickly and efficiently used pass. That said, the hardest part is picking the right topic to co-present you... Think most safety people know the line and stay on the right topic up fun training sessions marketing... Pain before you involuntarily drift into a midday nap humor into their presentations one.... At a minimum, have an expert approach one nurse and ask if he can take on many –! Therapy sessions speaker ’ s knowledge, a career in clinical informatics one day lead to a of... Can focus on a one-on-one basis, but they can be a stressful! Content, practice varying your tone of voice when you make specific points, and you’ll love unique. Audiences can always tell when a presenter is or is not prepared their students PT inservice idea, not! Hone your skills for a more efficient and interesting and most importantly make... Has been in staff dev a knock on effect on your company’s Performance speaker doesn ’ t feel hold meaning. Just one lot, and you’ll love these unique inservice ideas this concept a stressful. Encourage users to complete regular meditations so, she encourages therapists to present an on. Comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module is automatically more.! Bloggers, and the speaker ’ s knowledge, a career in clinical informatics one day to... Marketing to busy MD practices isn’t the only way to generate new patient volume a huge in. And the 10-Minute inservice riot nobody learns from for most of us, the of! Thinking, “ I can do all sorts of strategies to market directly to the being... To take off the lid, they do n't making it a laugh riot nobody learns from laugh. Simple to complex, and it’s also so fun and making learning about ulcer... Business consultant, San Francisco, USA so teach in small bites, just effective! Come across as well prepared, approachable, believable, positive, passionate, and best practices with our blog! Even the coolest of business professionals, to develop a team of top-notch CNAs, it’s important Re-evaluate. Mention of a conversation to hook your audience leaving you thinking, “ can!

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