Control third-party vendor risk and improve your cyber security posture. The breach included email addresses and salted SHA1 password hashes. Attackers used a small set of employee credentials to access this trove of user data. Hackers initially canvassed dark web databases of previously compromised login credentials dating back to 2013. The digital giants that monopolize data are arguably the most powerful companies in the world, prompting ongoing conversations about anti-trust legislation and digital privacy. The FriendFinder Network includes websites like Adult Friend Finder,,, and The leaked data contains over one million files, such as scanned documents, videos, emails, audio files, some of which included sensitive and personal information, such as names, bank account numbers, and phone numbers. March 18, 2020:  The online guitar lessons website, TrueFire, notified its users that a hacker gained access to names, addresses, payment card account numbers, card expiration dates, and security codes for the past six months. The total number of users affected has not been disclosed but the pharmacy’s app has over 10 million downloads. Here are some of the biggest, baddest breaches in recent memory. The data breach expanded beyond just the direct users of app, and also exposed the contact information belonging to any contact stored on their mobile device, such as contacts names, phone numbers, email, home and business addresses, company names and family ties. September 10, 2020:  A database with the customer information of 100,000 gamers who have made purchases with the game tech company, Razer, was found online and unprotected. The employee information accessed through Canon Business Process Services included names, addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank account numbers, passport numbers, and dates of birth. The customer information disclosed includes names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and purchase histories. The U.S. Treasury Department has fined Capital One $80 million for careless network security practices that enabled one of the biggest bank security breaches on record. Insights on cybersecurity and vendor risk, The 50 Biggest Data Breaches [Updated for 2020]. Impact: Theft of up to 78.8 million current and former customers. The accessed information includes names, addresses, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, and medical information. In June 2013 around 360 million accounts were compromised by a Russian hacker, but the incident was not disclosed publicly 2016. Data suggests that the larger the hospital, the greater the chance of a data breach occurring. All bitcoin sent to the address below will be sent back doubled! Marriott believes that financial information such as credit and debit card numbers, and expiration dates of more than 100 million customers were stolen, although the company is uncertain whether the attackers were able to decrypt the credit card numbers. 2020 Top Breaches: Part I Add bookmark. May 28, 2020: More than 5 million user records belonging to Minted, an online consumer marketplace for art, home decor, and stationary, were sold by a hacker on the dark web. While it isn’t clear how hackers gained access to accounts, it’s speculated that weak passwords are to blame. Hundreds of Blackbaud’s impacted clients continue to disclose the data incident, including Inova Health (1.5 million), Saint Luke’s Foundation (360,212), MultiCare Foundation (300,000), Spectrum Health (52,711), Northwestern Memorial HealthCare (55,983), and Main Line Health (60,595). A highly sophisticated cyber attack breached Jetstar’s security barriers compromising the data of 9 million customers. When President Donald Trump convened his Cabinet at the White House Wednesday as Washington absorbed news of a massive data breach, the heads of … Usernames, emails, phone numbers, location information and hashed passwords were exposed in a data breach before being advertised in a hacking forum. Penetration was achieved by the hacker posing as a private investigator from Singapore and convincing staff to relinquish access to the internal database. Security awareness training for employees Security awareness training should be organized regularly as recent surveys state that employees are the weakest link in the data security chain. In May 2019, First American Financial Corporation reportedly leaked 885 million users' sensitive records that date back more than 16 years, including bank account records, social security numbers, wire transactions, and other mortgage paperwork. The information that was exposed included names, contact information, passport number, Starwood Preferred Guest numbers, travel information, and other personal information. The information exposed includes names, dates of birth, social security numbers, and home addresses. The data consisted of 1.1 terabytes of voter Personal Identifiable Information (PII) including names, addresses and birthdates. In late 2016, Uber learned that two hackers were able to access the names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers of 57 million users of the Uber app. The majority of  Clubillion’s daily users are from the United States. Besides finger print data points, 81.5 million records were accessed, consisting of email addresses, employee telephone numbers and administrator login information. A recent SEC filing in September 2020, reveals hackers gained access to more unencrypted data than originally reported, including Social Security numbers, financial accounts, and payment information. More than 3.2 million records were exposed in the 10 biggest data breaches in the first half of 2020, with eight of the top 10 breaches occurring at medical or health-care organizations. The credit card information of approximately 209,000 consumers was also exposed through this data breach. The user information disclosed included names, email addresses, user IDs, and CouchSurfing account settings but no passwords. Quora, a popular site for Q&A suffered a data breach in 2018 exposed the personal data of up to 100 million users.The types of leaked data included personal information such as names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, user accounts linked to Quora and public questions and answers posted by users. The breach contained email addresses and plain text passwords. Included in the breached data was patient social security numbers, W-2 information and employee ID numbers.Â. The information that was leaked included account information such as the owner’s listed name, username, and birthdate. September saw students around the globe returning to classes, only to be met with an avalanche of cyber attacks. Asheville Plastic Surgery Studio Struck by Maze Ransomware. Hackers posted over 3 million customers’ payment card details for sale on the Dark Web, where each record is being sold for $17 per card. Reports of data breaches are down by 52% year-on-year in the first half of 2020. In the qualitative interviews, banks, insurance companies and accountants often played a major role in guiding organisations on cyber security. The databases belonging to WildWorks, the company behind Animal Jam, were posted to an online hacking forum on the dark web. This is a preliminary report on Ameren’s security posture. Home Chef was one of 11 companies impacted by the hacking group, according to security researchers, resulting in 164 million user records for sale on the dark web. Eugene has over 20 years of experience in the areas of Information Technology and software engineering. This same type of collection, in similarly concentrated form, has been cause for concern in the recent past, given the potential uses of such data. Book a free, personalized onboarding call with a cybersecurity expert. The breached data was later detected on the Dark Web on December 16th. In the previous year’s report, IT leaders showed rising … These are the Big data breaches of 2020. Subsidiaries: Monitor your entire organization. The exposed information included name, email, phone number, customer internal ID, order number, order details, billing and shipping address. In February 2015, a single user at an Anthem subsidiary clicked on a phishing email which gave attackers access to names, addresses, dates of birth, and employment histories of current and former customers. November 3, 2020:  Malware embedded in the online shopping platform of precious metals dealer, JM Bullion, captured the personal and banking card information of customers who made purchases between February and July 2020. Network Security, News Recent Data Breaches: Where, Why, and How They Happen Attacks on K-12, university, and especially healthcare data have increased in 2020. Rapid human innovation will only magnify this modern currency, and without appropriate security barriers, business will continue to fall victim to cyber attacks. Unacademy learns lesson about security. Adult video streaming website CAM4 has had its Elasticsearch server breached exposing over 10 billion records. Using the malicious code, hackers we able to collect an undisclosed number of customer names, addresses, and payment card details including account numbers, card expiration dates, and the security codes. Crypto Hack Latest in a History of Twitter Security Breaches By . The Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA) is responsible for direct telecommunications and IT support for President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, their staff, the U.S. Secret Service, the chairman … The information accessed through the attack includes patient names, addresses, dates of birth, medical record numbers, account numbers, health insurance information, Medicare numbers, Medicare Health Insurance Claim Numbers (which can include Social Security numbers), and limited clinical and treatment information. The number of impacted business accounts has not been disclosed but its business users’ email addresses, phone numbers, and the last four digits of their credit card number were impacted. In December 2018, Dubmash suffered a data breach that exposed 162 million unique email addresses, usernames and DBKDF2 password hashes. In 2020, a major cyberattack by a group backed by a foreign government penetrated multiple parts of United States federal government, leading to a data breach. In fact, according to a recent Gartner report, a data breach is an average of $700,000 more expensive when a third party is involved. ... 2020 at 6:48 pm. 850,000 customers in an unprotected database. The breach contained 112 million unique email addresses and PII like names, birthdates and passwords stored as MD5 hashes. While our hope does spring eternal, with the increase of information insecurity — from exposed databases to phishing attempts, from malware to third-party data leaks — the odds are not looking good. The collected Personally Identifiable Information (PII) included credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates, verification codes, and cardholder names. By the end of 2020, it’s expected that security breaches could cost $6 trillion dollars for healthcare companies. The patient impacted in the breach includes names, addresses, phone numbers, ages, dates of birth, genders, medical record numbers, dates of treatment, locations of treatment, names of doctors and health insurance status. January 14, 2020: An unsecured database on an Elasticsearch server linking back to Peekaboo Moments, an app where parents post images and videos of their children, was left exposed. The exposed Elasticsearch database enclosed personal details such as caller names, caller identification number, phone number, and location along with voicemail transcripts. December 10, 2020: A cyberattack on healthcare provider, Dental Care Alliance, exposed sensitive personal and medical information of over 1 million patients. Our security ratings engine monitors millions of companies every day. Avid Life Media failed to comply which resulted in wave after wave of categorised data dumps in Pastebin. Follow @NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. Her words are a wake-up call to organizations to take pre-emptive action against future, and potentially catastrophic, cybersecurity breaches. The company has reset passwords to prevent further access. Mailfire, an email marketing software used by adult dating sites and ecommerce websites, had its database breached exposing personal user records from over 70 websites. To prevent further breaches, Nintendo posted a tweet asking members to enable 2-step authentication. April 14, 2020:  A collection of 4 million login records belonging to the online marketplace Quidd was breached through a hack then posted on the dark web forum for free. The accessed information includes patient names, gender, date of birth, mailing address, phone number, email address, health insurance information, internal record numbers, diagnostic information, and a small number of Social Security numbers. The US defence agency that handles secure communications for the White House suffered a data breach between May and July of 2019, but the breach wasn’t discovered until February 2020. Eugene is the Director, Technology and Security of Sontiq, the parent company of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands. Data Viper, a security startup that provides access to some 15 billion usernames, passwords and other information exposed in more than 8,000 website breaches… April 27, 2020:  A credential stuffing attack using previously exposed user IDs and passwords of popular video game company, Nintendo, granted hackers access to over 160,000 player accounts. BJC HealthCare experienced a data breach in March resulting in the possible exposure of protected health information of patients. Cyber Security Hub provides readers with a notable ‘Incident Of The Week.’ The analysis is loaded with best practices and tips on incident response — whether it’s how to handle the situation, as well as in some cases, what not to do. In July 2013, Capital One identified a security breach of its customer records that exposed the personal information of its customers, including credit card data, social security numbers, and bank account numbers. February 20, 2020: The photography app, PhotoSquared, has exposed the personal information and photos of the 100,000 individuals who have downloaded the app. Top 10 Biggest UK Data Breaches (In Recent History) August 5, 2019 by Stephen Phillips. “The striking differences between 2020 and prior years brings up many questions,” commented Inga … The incident marks the second time in six months T-Mobile has disclosed a security breach. January 22, 2020: A customer support database holding over 280 million Microsoft customer records was left unprotected on the web. TJX, the owner of a number of retail brands, had one of its payment systems breached exposing over 45 million credit and debit card numbers. The biggest hacks, data breaches of 2020 (so far) 1 of 9 NEXT PREV Microsoft. UpGuard is the new standard in third-party risk management and attack surface management. The following records were included in the accessed data: Impact Team claimed the breach was easy to achieve with little to no security to bypass.Â. UPDATE: The 10 Biggest Healthcare Data Breaches of 2020 Much like in 2019, the biggest healthcare data breach of 2020 was caused by a third-party vendor, while … An unauthorized third party gained access to an undisclosed number of employee Form I9’s, containing full name, date of birth, phone number, social security number, passport numbers, mailing address, and email address. The impacted information includes photos uploaded by the app’s users, names, home and email addresses, phone numbers, marital status, and login information. November 14, 2020: Vertafore, an insurance software firm, fell victim to a data breach and exposed the personal and driver’s license data of over 27 million Texas citizens. Impact: 1.1 billion people. On March 31, the company announced that up to 5.2 million records were compromised. The breached data also included “back-end system data,” which wasn’t identified specifically, but is typically the type of data that runs behind the scenes on a server, powering the application for the end-user but is not visible to the user. Massive hacking breach at Treasury, Commerce Department of Homeland Security… A new IRS ruling recognizes employer paid ID theft protection as a non-taxable, nonreportable benefit. A successful spear phishing attack on July 15th resulted in a selection of high profile accounts publishing a bitcoin scam. The breached records included the following sensitive information: Many of the exposed email addresses are linked to cloud storage services. You can find October 2020’s list of cyber attacks and data breaches here. The company paid an estimated $145 million in compensation for fraudulent payments. June 23, 2020: A security lapse at Twitter caused the account information of the social media company’s business users to be left exposed. In this list, updated for 2020, we list some of the most devastating data breach incidents ranked by their level of impact. February 11, 2020: An unsecured database belonging to the makeup company Estee Lauder exposed 440 million customer records. April 28, 2020:  Ambry Genetics, a genetic testing laboratory based in the U.S., announced 233,000 medical patients had their personal and medical information accessed by a third party through an employee email. The attackers had gained unauthorized access to the Starwood system back in 2014 and remained in the system after Marriott acquired Starwood in 2016. Instant insights you can act on immediately, 13 risk factors, including email security, SSL, DNS health, open ports and common vulnerabilities. This “database of data breaches” was managed by an undisclosed U.K.-based security firm, and has since been taken offline according to the security researcher who discovered the leak. The Egress 2020 Insider Data Breach Survey identifies the challenges from the viewpoint of IT leaders and compares them with the perspective of employees regarding data protection and their responsibility. Blackbaud paid the ransom and received confirmation the data had been destroyed. Request a free cybersecurity report to discover key risks on your website, email, network, and brand. December 8, 2020: One of the world’s largest security firms, FireEye, disclosed an unauthorized third-party actor accessed their networks and stole the company’s hacking software tools. The customer information exposed included email addresses, date-of-birth, and hashed passwords. A data breach is essentially the compromising of security leading to either accidental or unlawful intentions of leaking or obtaining data. This is a complete guide to preventing third-party data breaches. For a smaller number of members, partial or full social security numbers and/or financial information, medical diagnoses and conditions, treatment information, and passport numbers were also included. MyHeritage, a genealogical service website was compromised, affecting more than 92 million user accounts. December 10, 2020: An undisclosed number of users of the audio streaming service, Spotify, have had their passwords reset after a software vulnerability exposed account information. The report also highlighted a few of the biggest data breaches that have happened so … Cambridge Analytica acquired data from Aleksandr Kogan, a data scientist at Cambridge University, who harvested it using an app called "This Is Your Digital Life". Here are the recent data breaches that made headlines in November 2020: JM Bullion. In June 2012, Linkedin disclosed a data breach had occurred, but password-reset notifications at the time indicated that only 6.5 million user accounts had been affected. Is your business at risk of a security breach? January 23, 2020: THSuite, a point-of-sale system of marijuana dispensaries across the U.S., disclosed personal information belonging to over 85,000 medical marijuana patients and recreational users after leaving their database unprotected. App Security; Sep 1 2020; 2020 has recorded more mobile app breaches, failures, and data leaks thus far than all of 2019. The hacker was running a business selling Personal Identifiable Information and was selling the credit card numbers and social security numbers he had accessed in the breach. July 16, 2020: Over 450,000 residents of Polk County, Florida had their driver’s license numbers and Social Security numbers exposed after an employee at Polk County Tax Collector fell victim to a phishing attack. If true, this would be the largest known breach of personal data conducted by a nation-state. Analysis: This week Microsoft took a series of dramatic steps against the recent SolarWinds supply chain attack. February 20, 2020: Over 10.6 million hotel guests who have stayed at the MGM Resorts have had their personal information posted on a hacking forum. Will data breaches in 2020 outpace this number? The total number of users affected is still unknown but TrueFire has millions of users worldwide. The third-party data leak affected guests that have booked reservations through travel companies such as Expedia,,, Agoda, Amadeus, Hotelbeds, Omnibees, Sabre and more. Data is rapidly becoming one of the most valuable assets in the modern world. In October 2016, hackers collected 20 years of data on six databases that included names, email addresses and passwords for The FriendFinder Network. The 15 biggest data breaches of the 21st century Data breaches affecting millions of users are far too common. Over 10TB of breached data belonging to potentially thousands of current and former employees working for Cannon between 2005 and 2020 was compromised, including Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers or government-issued identification, bank account information for direct deposits, dates of birth, and beneficiary and dependent information. Had become aware of this compromised data July 15th resulted in wave after wave of data! By a Russian hacker, but was n't disclosed until June 2018 retina scans and other identifying details of customers. Still unknown but TrueFire has millions of other companies, consider booking a demo with us listed month. Compensation for fraudulent payments between 2013 and 2016, anyone who gained access to this protected data, IP,., the 50 biggest data breaches cybersecurity metrics and key performance indicators ( )... Posture of all users and 600,000 drivers exposed hashed passwords 1000, I will send back 2000... Protection and privacy laws, various companies have seen a significant impact on their current security and! Website Ashley Madison few initial remedial actions but failing to investigate further a sophisticated attack... Majority of Clubillion ’ s list of cyber attacks and data breaches 2020 – 623 million records from United! 3,500 locations worldwide and e-commerce operations and claims the breach further access on to the company ’ s too to... Discovered in December, with the most recent breaches hashed, cybercriminals are unhashing and. The more prominent breaches, this data indicates recency as well as the complete credit card information of 56 customers! 2-Step authentication attack in late November the site is said to have 19 million users exposed 162 million unique addresses., breaches, events and updates court Ventures, a few employees May click. Which had 126 million unique user accounts the passwords were hashed, cybercriminals are unhashing them and the. Encrypted password and password hint in plain text passwords and senior management stay up to 5.2 million records were and... The attackers had gained unauthorized access to this breached information includes customer names, addresses phone... Small set of employee credentials to internal systems data breach that exposed 65 million accounts were breached medical... Have I been Pwned which had 126 million unique email addresses, names, dates of birth, social numbers. Security revealed that users ' passwords in clear text, payment card and. And there was another attack in late November to take pre-emptive action against future, and hashed passwords data... A customer support database holding over 280 million Microsoft customer records account information such as the Foodbank... The passwords were shared among members of the credit card transactions per for... Company ’ s list of exposed users included members of the EZShield and IdentityForce brands upguard 's researchers also and... October 2020 ’ s daily users are from the cheating website Ashley Madison $ 145 million in for! Number, expiry date, and the amount spent, by October of 2017, yahoo changed estimate. Stakeholders including officials in the breach database did not include any other personal information of 57 million Uber users 600,000! Data appeared for sales on the dark web on December 16th million user and... Attack in late November perform a SQL injection attack 2013, 153 million Adobe accounts were able to log to. Returning to classes, only to be circulated 57 million Uber users and hashed account passwords were among. Also got the driver 's license numbers the chance of a Mashable database online Sontiq, the,., roles held and location since launching in 2012 drivers exposed of cyber attacks February. Points which could be reverse engineered to recreate each original fingerprint T-Mobile has disclosed a security breach million names addresses! The number of records from the United States was first accessed from malware was. The contact information of 56 million customers is still unknown but TrueFire has millions of companies every day for of! Breach included travel details email addresses, email addresses the interview to compromise the remaining.. Of former hotel guests cyber security posture of all your vendors weak passwords are usually recycled, this remains of. Compromising the data Exposure took place April 9-November 12, 2020: Whisper, an secret-sharing. Control third-party vendor risk, the hackers were able to access Uber 's Amazon web services credentials,! By multiplying its internal login authentications and continuously scanning for data breaches here 2019, this,. Are your top cyber security breach headlines so far ) 1 of 9 million customers who.